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Rio 2016 Olympics Wrestling Participants, Teams, Matches Live Stream Online

Rio Summer Olympics Wrestling Participants, Teams and Matches Live Stream online : Rio Olympics is an worldwide event and athletes from all over the world participate in the Live games. Spread across many games, Wrestling is one of the most focused games in Olympics. Because of it's worldwide popularity, almost every Nation has it's own wrestler. Also Watch Rio 2016 Live Stream online .

Wrestling in Olympics. What is Wrestling ?

Wrestling is a grapple fight played by two players in which one tries to out do other player inside the ring. These wrestling games are further divided into Men's and Women's and have different rounds based on the weight limits.

Rio Olympics Wrestling Teams, Nations and Participants :

Rio 2016 Olympics Wrestling Participants, Teams, Matches Live Stream Online

Rio Olympics has 69 Nations competing in the Wrestling competitions. All the Nations has their own teams with their own competing players. All the players will be categorized into :
  • Wrestling
  • Greco- Roman Wrestling
These 2 types of Wrestling participants are again categorized into their Weight based championship namely 68 kg, 75 kg etc.,All the Nations have around 2-4 players in their Wrestling teams with these below states having the most number of players.
  1. Russia - 17
  2. United States - 14
  3. Azerbaijan - 14
  4. Turkey - 14
  5. China - 13
  6. Iran - 12
  7. Kazakhstan - 12
  8. Bulgaria - 11
  9. Ukraine - 11
  10. Georgia - 11
  11. Japan, Cuba, Egypt, Mongolia - 10

Players in the Indian Wrestling Team :

Indian Wrestling team is well known for it's dedication and also integrity. Wrestling competitions have been previously won by India in international standards and now the focus is on the Summer Olympics Wrestling games. Here are the players that India is looking and cheering out for Now!!
  • Sandeep Tomar (57 kg)
  • Yogeshwar Dutt (65 Kg)
  • Narsingh Pancham Yadav (74 Kg)
These 3 players have been qualified for the Wrestling championships. These participants will have to wrestle another Nation players and Win in order to gain the Medal for their country.

Watch Summer Olympics Wrestling Matches Live Stream online :

Rio 2016 Olympics Wrestling Participants, Teams, Matches Live Stream Online

All the wrestling matches will be happening at Carioca Arena 2., and to watch in India, you can go to Star Sports to watch the Live feed. Also check here for the updated links.

See the Full List of  TV Channels {Countrywise}.

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