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Watch Rio Olympics 2016 Opening Ceremony Live Stream, TV Schedule

Watch Rio Olympics 2016 Opening Ceremony Live Stream online, TV Schedule and Broadcasting channels list : Rio Olympics is one of the biggest sports events this year and as Olympics happens only once every 4 years, it is seen as a worldwide event and every player of a sport will look forward to make their Nation proud by winning in the Olympic games. Olympics are a concussion of many games hosted at one place in which professional players from different countries participate in the games and win trophy for their Country. Games/Sports like Basketball, Swimming, Golf, Soccer, Marathon races, Hurdles and many other National and International events are hosted. The Winners are provided Medals of Gold, Silver and Bronze according to their respective results in the games. As the event is of such big importance, Opening Ceremonies are held before the games begin in which all players represent their Nationality and a torch is lit as a symbol of Gaming spirit. See the Details of How to Watch Rio Olympics 2016 Live Stream online on TV, broadcasting channels from different countries and other Watch Olympics Opening ceremony On TV and Internet.

Watch Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony Live Online {Stream} :

Olympics 2016 Opening Ceremony Celebrations Live stream
Olympics Opening Ceremony Celebrations

The opening ceremony of Olympics 2016 will be held at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on the evening of 5th August 2016 20:00 Brazil time ( UTC -3 ) and the Closing Ceremony is on 21st August 2016. Ceremonial opening will be formal opening of the global sport event involving welcome speech, flag hosting and athletes parade from all the participating countries and creative manifestation to represent the host nation's spirit.

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 Rio de Janeiro was declared as the host for summer Olympic games back in December 2009. Estadio do Maracana stadium in which Olympics 2016 will be held can hold up to 90,000 audiences and assist as the authorized Olympics stadium which was reconstructed for Olympics 2016. The original two-tier seating bowl was modified into unique single-tier seating bowl. Concrete roof of the stadium was replaced with a fiberglass membrane to increase the security levels of the stadium. It is the first south american city to host such a huge event Olympics 2016.

Where to Watch Opening Ceremony?

  Three Brazilian legendary directors namely Fernando Meirelles, Daniela Thomas and Andrucha Waddington are the executives for this ceremony.Price of the tickets for this events ranges from $200 to $4,600.

   The opening and closing ceremony of this event Olympics 2016 will be comparatively less representative comparing to the past events held at London in 2012 and Beijing in 2008. This is due to the economic and political recession of the country. The amount estimated for hosting this event Olympics 2016 will be one tenth of the amount spent in London on its previous 4 ceremonies.

Summer Rio Olympics 2016 Opening Ceremony TV Schedule, Venues :

Opening Ceremony Celebrations live stream TV, TV schedule
Torch lighting at Opening Ceremony
  Rio Olympics 2016 games will be held at 18 existing venues, 9 new venues and 7 temporary venues which will be removed after the events.

Country Day of Telecast Time
Argentina Friday 20:00
Canada (Vancouver) Friday 16:00
Mexico Friday 18:00
United States of America Friday 16:00
Afghanistan Saturday 03:30
Australia (Sydney) Saturday 09:00
Bangladesh Saturday 05:00
China Saturday 07:00
Germany Saturday 01:00
Hong Kong Saturday 07:00
India Saturday 04:30
Italy Saturday 01:00
Japan Saturday 08:00
Nepal Saturday 04:45
Pakistan Saturday 04:00
Switzerland Saturday 01:00
South Africa Saturday 01:00
United Arab Emirates Saturday 03:00
Zimbabwe Saturday 01:00

     These are the TV Telecast timings in different countries for the Summer Olympics. People who want to watch Olympics telecast can watch the Opening ceremony on NBC Channel and other National sports channels in their countries. Live News coverage will also be updated here.

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